Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prompt: Friday the 13th

"Excuse me. Are you superstitious?"

"Huh?" Jenna whirled around and found, much to her surprise, a normal elementary kid.

"I said, are you superstitious?" The girl repeated.

"No," Jenna answered as if it was a stupid question. "Who is nowadays?"

"Why, many people."

"Yourself included?"

The girl laughed. "I don't know about that," she answered, and a strange gleam entered amber eyes.

Suspicious, Jenna decided she didn't want to see that little girl anymore. "Well, uh, I need to get back home, so, uh, bye." And with that, she ran in the opposite direction.

Strange little girl, she thought as the teen neared her home and slowed down. Of course I'm not superstitious. Isn't that kind of... well, outdated? I guess it's not as strange for people to be asking that today, because it is Friday the 13th, but I've lived on other Friday the 13ths and I've never had anything bad happen to me.

I wonder where that came into play...

Suddenly, a meow sounded on her right and turning, Jenna was mildly surprised to see a sleek black cat. "Hey there," she said. She liked cats a lot. "Are you lost?"

The cat meowed in response.

"Sorry I can't take you home. I don't want others to see me with a black cat. It's not that I'm suspicious, but others--like that girl--might be angry. But you aren't bad luck, are you?"

The cat's amber eyes sparkled as it meowed again.

"Yeah, well, I'd better get going. My mom's waiting for me." Jenna continued on her way without a glance back.

It was good that she didn't. If she did, she might have seen that black cat stretch, purr, and turn into a small elementary girl whose smile stretched widely upon her face...

"Things will be interesting, now that she's seen my face..." the little girl said.


"Mom?" Jenna called. "I'm home."

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