Friday, February 27, 2009


"The king's son has been detained again."

"Again? Poor man. His son is absolutely wild."

"I feel for him. How will Ruben ever become the heir? I do believe Lord Danaro's son, Logan, is the better choice!"

"I daresay he is. He is smart, courteous, generous, and humble - and much more well-behaved than his friend is!"

"Is it not strange how good friends they are? I doubt I've ever seen one without the other!"

"Yes, I heard from Ruben's old nanny, a friend of mine, that he and Logan used to get together every day since they met each other. They may still get together every day now, but I doubt that. Logan has become busier ever since he started advising others."

"He is so kind. And additionally, I do hear that the king has appointed Logan as his advisor. What an honor!"

"Yes, it is amazing! He is the youngest advisor in the history of Alvaria!"

"Oh, I want my daughter Celestia to marry him so much, but it is impossible, seeing as he is so desperately in love with Princess Maya!"

"Ahh, but is she not the sweetest girl you have ever laid eyes on?"

"She is! I do not think I have seen a girl more upright and sweet than she is!"

"But poor boy. She must not think much of him."

"Does she really? She has never shown affection towards anyone except her father and brother, but Ruben especially."

"They are so close, how sweet. If my daughters were like that, my house would be ever so much more peaceful..."

"Well, if Logan ever does marry her, he may very well become king. And what a fine king he shall make!"

"That he shall. He is so humble, like King Elderen. He came into the village yesterday morning."

"Yes, we greeted him on his way back. Did you talk with him?"

"Yes, but very briefly. I do think he is the gentlest boy I've ever met. My dear Allison fell in love with him at first words!"

"Oh, the poor thing. She'll never have him."


"Well, Logan and Princess Maya may be the happiest couple in the world, if Logan can get us out of this depression, which I think he may be able to do."

"I'm just glad my husband has a steady income and a hefty inheritance. We don't have to worry as others do, but we're still cutting back."

"We must sell our house before the weekend."

"Oh! How dreadful!"

"I agree. It is a horrible fate... I can only imagine what will become of us, unless King Elderen or Logan can get us out of it..."


The prologue to my NaNoWriYe (National Novel Writing Year). Preview. :)

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