Friday, April 2, 2010

Prompt: condition

She's in a serious condition, the doctor says. She's in a serious condition. She's in a serious condition. Like echoes of a cool dark cave of black, black endlessness I hear these words again and again, too often, too quickly, too many times.

She's in a serious condition, he says.

And continues.

It's a rare type of atrophy.

Is there a treatment? My father wants to know. There is desperation in his voice, but no hope.

We all know there is no treatment.

Two days ago, I was fine. I was twelve, ambitious, and very much alive. Yesterday, I was a car wreck hovering between life and death, and today, I am much, much more dead than alive. The thin line between life and death is the sterile, cold plastic pumping nutrients into my body, trying to break me out of death's icy grip.

A/N: The end. Just kidding. Maybe. I'm not sure where this was leading... gee, what is with the depressing stuff? I have to write something happy now...

I am poem

I am a Nobody.
I wonder if you see me.
I hear sounds,
I see people,
I want to be noticed, but
I am a Nobody.

I pretend to be fine.
I feel like no one cares about anyone else anymore.
I touch my face, my hair, my clothes
I worry if they're not in fashion, and in the darkness
I cry because I am so, so alone
I am a Nobody.

I understand that people want to hang out with Somebody.
I say that it's fine. Still
I dream that maybe Somebody will want to hang out with a Nobody, like me
I try to be Somebody.
I hope every day but
I am still a Nobody.

A/N: Yeah, more poetry. Pretty sad stuff. Sorry. I'll try to get some prose up... sometime.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Script Frenzy

So here I am, April 1st - no prank for the moment - posting because of Script Frenzy. Yeah, another one of those challenge-in-a-month things that we all just can't get enough of. It's the sister project of NaNoWriMo, and instead of writing a novel in a month, you get to write a script. Last year I participated in it as well, and it was a much more lax month than November because, well, HEY. It's 100 pages of script, not 50,000 words, and most of that 100 pages is formatting (and lots of empty space! Whoohoo!).

I'm doing some shameless advertising, I know. Here's the website:

If you want to catch me there, my username's Misamiera. Feel free to add me - I don't bite.

Progress will be updated shortly.