Friday, April 2, 2010

I am poem

I am a Nobody.
I wonder if you see me.
I hear sounds,
I see people,
I want to be noticed, but
I am a Nobody.

I pretend to be fine.
I feel like no one cares about anyone else anymore.
I touch my face, my hair, my clothes
I worry if they're not in fashion, and in the darkness
I cry because I am so, so alone
I am a Nobody.

I understand that people want to hang out with Somebody.
I say that it's fine. Still
I dream that maybe Somebody will want to hang out with a Nobody, like me
I try to be Somebody.
I hope every day but
I am still a Nobody.

A/N: Yeah, more poetry. Pretty sad stuff. Sorry. I'll try to get some prose up... sometime.

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