Friday, August 12, 2011

First poetry attempt.

there once is a girl named rhea.

if i tell this story

will you laugh at me?

don’t laugh. just don’t.

there once is a girl named rhea.

you heard me right,

that’s her name.

it’s not that bad of a name.

so she falls in love with a guy

and i know it’s predictable but

there’s something magical—

Like i said, there’s something magical.

You don’t believe me.

You don’t understand.

shut up, then

and let me talk.

she falls in love with a guy

named chris.

so it’s a common name, shut up.

and it’s not like

it’s not like i was naming him after you.

she falls in love and her world

the world is more colorful. she

can see colors where she never looked before.

If you don’t be quiet i’m not going to finish.

there is something beautiful in looking, really looking

for once in your life stopping to—

i wasn’t going to say smell the roses. i wasn’t.

i was going to say stopping to look at someone, really

seeing who they are

as though you are meeting for the very first time

and falling in love.

i suppose you have never done it before.

Fine. so it’s a stupid story, so it’s cliche, so it’s

what? it’s not a self insert, stupid.

You don’t spell Rhianna like rhea.

yeah, like

i would name a character after myself.