Thursday, August 12, 2010

One-sentence menace

Yep, it's one of those stories again. Those stories that are just one sentence. The problem with those is that they often don't make sense, or they're too hard to read. I hope mine's neither...


“My dear child,” she says, fluttering her eyes and grasping at his cloak; “my dear, dear child, surely it’s unthinkable that you would even imagine the rude, wretched, heartless possibility of leaving me here in this dark, unforgiving hell of a prison; after all, these past two weeks-—or two months, I can’t even remember since I’m so wrecked beyond reason; oh, and never mind what I think, since of course I’ve already forgiven you for putting me in here, dear-—these past two weeks have wreaked havoc on my poor nerves and my poor soul, and have nearly rendered me into a numb and helpless woman--you’d take me back to that wonderful, grand castle of yours, wouldn’t you, if I promised to not do anything to your dear little princess girl again and be a very good mother, my dear child… wait, wait, you’re--you’re not leaving me are you?--”

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