Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did a meme/survey thing... wanna give it a try?

1. Introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm insanity. I mean, Misamiera. At least, that's my pseudonym, my code name for my writing exploits. I'd like to think I'm old enough to be an adult, but much of what I do is childish. I'm not an adult yet physically, which is fine by me since it's probably not that fun, anyway. (But then again, I've never been one.) I'd like to one day travel around the world and eat real Chinese food from China and real Swiss chocolate from Switzerland. I'd also like to actually finish a novel one day, too. One of these days.

2. Describe Madness

Madness? What's there to be mad about? Madness is acting any way you want in your own little world, regardless of social standards; madness is letting your mind run free with ideas.

3. Describe Insanity

It's madness, only to the extent that people can't even follow what you're thinking anymore.

4. Describe the difference between Insanity and Madness

Like I said: insanity is a brand of madness that's gone so far that people can't even begin to understand you anymore.

5. Do any of these descriptions apply to yourself? Why, or why not?

Well... that's a hard question. Aren't both of those opinions? The sane man says to the another, "You're insane." And yet, the "insane" person thinks that he is sane, and the other man is insane.

I don't think I am; I much prefer staying down here in earth.

6. Tell me about your all-time favorite Fantasy book.

I have so many favorites, but I'll choose Lord of the Rings. It's not a classic for no reason. Tokien's imagination has not led to just a book but an entire world which any fan can venture into. He's done so much work with Middle Earth. I love venturing into the world and imagining my own scenarios.

It also helps that there are three fantastic movies, too. *grin*

7. Give me names for characters, ones you havent used yet. 2 for a boy, 2 for a girl.

(This includes First and Last names.)

Karr Ashwood and Quint Netherfield for male names. Anmerlyn and Alix for the girls. Don't know why I made last names for the males and not for the females, but somehow I can't just say "Karr" anymore. I have to say "Karr Ashwood"...

8. Your all time favorite song, and why?

I've got so many favorites the list could run ten pages, but one of them I'd have to say "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole, which is a Christian song (and I'm Christian). It's mainly because of the lyrics, which remind me of the Great Commission. Ah, but I could go on and on...

9. Your Rolemodel, and why?

Probably my mother. I know that's weird in an age where teenagers often complain about their parents and their restrictions, or are closer to their friends or others than their parents, but I've got a classical perspective. My family is really important to me; we stick together--even though friends may come and go, your family's always there. My mother has always been my best friend and guide throughout my life; I may sound biased, but she's a wonderful, caring person and a great Christian with her own experiences and such. Whenever I don't know what to do, I ask my mom. And she always gives me wisdom.

10. a sentence that you will always remember? (motto, life lessons...)

It changes as I read different things that remind me of different sentences, but at the moment, it's a quote: "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." It's by Abraham Lincoln.

11. Give me a sentence or minimal 10 words, containing the word ‘breaking’

It's not the sound of the door creaking or the desperate wail of ghosts upstairs that frightens her; it's the sound of her own heart breaking...

12. Give me your opinion on radio stations. (atleast 5 sentences.)

I don't listen to the radio that often, but I do think that they're a great invention. It's nice to have music on in the background as I do my work or drive in the car. Of course, like anyone else I wish I could fast-forward the commercial breaks or skip annoying songs, but that's what mp3 players are for. Besides, when can you switch channels and listen to completely different music, check the traffic or weather report, or even political commentary in a split second? It's useful to have a radio, and I hope we'll never eliminate them in our quest for new technology.

13. Describe light to me (Atleast 100 words.)

Some have argued that light is an absence of darkness, but I don't agree with this. Light is a force in its own. Metaphorical or literal, it's something that breaks through darkness, giving insight or sight into something formerly unknown. Light generally carries a sense of positivity; it brightens and gives comfort. It’s taking the blindfold off your eyes and seeing everything you never saw, or couldn’t see, before. It’s discovering something new, realizing that your life isn’t (or is) as bad as you thought, or coming to the knowledge that you aren’t the only person in the world; it’s opening your eyes.

14. Describe music to me. (atleast 100 words)

Music is creativity; it is, and always will be, an expression of our character and who we are and so much more than that. When we play music, we sing a song so sweet no lyrics can ever fit; or when we play music, we rage and rant feelings speaking can never say. When we listen to music, it tells us something old, or something new; maybe a feeling of nostalgia or inspiration, sorrow or joy. The person composing music is no different from the writer or the artist, since they all express their feelings and thoughts in their arts. Life becomes dull and dreary without the creative arts. Music is important to humanity.

15. Describe pain to me. (atleast 200 words.)

Pain. It's what you feel when you're broken inside. When everyone's disappeared. When no one listens. When the world seems to fall to pieces, and all you can do is stare. When the shards of your heart dig deeper into your chest. When someone stabs you, and walks away. When life doesn't seem so important anymore. When everything is raging all around you, and you feel like you're the only one standing still--and for that, they say you're insane. When wretched feelings grip your heart with icy fingers and squeeze. When you're trying to keep breathing, keep filling your lungs with air, and you're up to your neck in water. When you trying to reach for the heavens and end up drowning in the sea instead.

Pain is what you feel when your best friend leaves you. Pain is what you feel when someone dies and a part of your heart is ripped out. Pain is what you feel when you’re too dry to cry, too tired to live, and too powerless to do anything. Pain is what you feel when it hurts, deep down, like a worm eating at the edge of a hole in your heart. Pain is what you feel when the birds won’t sing, the sun won’t shine, and the earth won’t move.

Not hard, is it? Prove yourself to me, they’re simple questions.

Good luck!

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